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The place name Stolovo comes from the Slavic stolb = seat, throne and especially from the use of the word as a geographical term, which denotes a “flat table-like area”, and the -ovb suffix. Mr. Labridis, speaking of the village of Stolovo, interprets it as a form of table. Its official name is due to its geographical position as it is built at an altitude of 840 meters, between two branches of the Zagoritikos river.

The founding of the village dates back many centuries – since the 14th century – and was at first a small settlement. Between Stolovo and Kalouta there are ruins of a Roman fortress and an inscription in Latin: antoninus salve, perhaps the name of the guardian.

The village grew quite a bit in the year 1668, when the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements dissolved or deserted Selio, Niretza, and Stavros. The reason for the abandonment of these settlements was the epidemic plague, which decimated the population of Zagori at the time.


Its geographical position favored the development of agriculture, mainly the cultivation of apples, which were also famous in the region, as well as livestock farming.

Dipotamos is no exception and was hit by robberies. The Germans bombed it without damage.