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Flambourari is one of the 43 local communities of Zagori with an altitude of 1001m., surrounded by rich pine and beech forests, plenty of cool water springs. It is included in the eastern part of Zagori. This section originally belonged to the northern part of Malakasi, whose inhabitants were mostly farmers, completely independent under the name Malakasi and often suffered by the various Turkish troops and the ones called Vasivosouki (unorganised groups), and were therefore forced into submission to “Valide Sultana” mother of the Sultan, paying annually 168,000 whites (turkish coins at the time) as subordination taxes. The village was burned down in 1943 by the Germans, losing much of its old architectural character. However, the church of St. Nicholas was saved, built in 1774, with a hexagonal bell tower and a large yard. From the destruction were also saved the small stone bridge that connects the two neighborhoods of the village, a construction of 1748, as well as many stone-paved alleys. Other churches in the village are: -Holy Trinity, on the eastern side of the village, in the middle of which there is a small well, from which all the villages around Saint Georgios secured water supply, -Saint Georgios, in the middle of the village, -Saint Athanasios, part of the village and -Prophet Elias, built on the western hill outside the village.