Project Description

The village of Karies belongs to the Local Communities of Eastern Zagori Municipality and is one of the 43 Communites of the new Municipality of Zagori. It is located between Miliotades and Kavalari.

It is a mountainous settlement in the south-eastern terminals of Mount Mitsikeli, at an altitude of 630 meters. It has plenty of water and good pastures.

The village does not follow the typical architectural style of Zagori, as the houses are new and covered with tiles or tin. The recently built church of Saint Paraskevi is very beautiful.

The residents of the village are 119, according to the latest inventory of 2011.

In the place where Karies is today was the Moglii settlement, which existed before the conquest.

They were renamed Karies because of the many walnuts (karidi=walnut).

Until 1909, the landowner of the area was Lord Adamidis from Doliani, who was traveling to Romania.

The inhabitants of the village Ligiades, cultivated fields in Monglii and their animals grazed there. Therefore, they sent a delegation to Bucharest in 1909 and bought the landfill from Adamidis.

Some families from Lakka Souli also settled at the time in Moglii, while other families moved from Monglii to neighboring Kavalari (Dovas, Thanos, Chiras, etc.).

In 1924, residents of the Ligiades also moved to Monglii. This was the reason why many the villagers of Ligiades were saved from the upcoming holocaust, in 1943.

In 1938, the village was annexed to the community of Kavalari, while an independent community was made in 1955.

The local feast is organized every year on the day of Peter and Paul’s celebration, June 29.

(more information: Makris E., Zagorohoria, Ioannina 1996)