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Kipi is a village built on a hill, at a distance of 39 km from Ioannina. The main distinguishing characteristic of the village is its gardens, which are surrounded by a river embellished by stone bridges. The village of Kipi is located in Zagori (at an altitude of 750m).

In the village you will find paved cobbled streets, stone houses, yards, the clock and the high bell tower, Saint Nikolaos Church (1779), Bayia Monastery (1620) and Agapios Tolos Museum, housing a a wonderful collection of folklore material.

Outstanding interest gather the men’s spaces “ontades”, as well as the well-known bridge of Kokori.

Among the things worth visiting in the village are the Agapios Tolos Folklore Museum, the Plakidis Bridge-west of the village, the Bridge of Kontodimos-at the western entrance of the village, the Bridge of Milos-shortly after the east exit of the village and the Bridge of Pitsioni-at a distance of 1 km to the east. The bridges of the area are several, because at the time of prosperity in Zagori, the village was the administrative center and visitors and goods had to be able to cross the rivers all the year round with safety. Almost every building of the village show respect to the architectural tradition, whether it is old or new.

From the bridge of Kontodimos, small Vikos or Vikakis  form a small gorge.