Project Description

The village Makrino is included in the geographical area of the Municipality of Zagori. It is located in the northwestern part of the Municipality near some of the water springs of Varda-Arachthos, built on the slopes of a hill full of flora. The Community area is about 20.1 thousand acres. The lower area has an altitude of 900 meters and the highest 1,750m. The square of the village is situated at an altitude of 1000m.

The “Makrinon” community from the beginning was identified with the name “Makrinon”. Mr. Lambridis also recognizes this name to the village, wondering if the village is named after a previous homeowner or official leader of the Makrinos family in the 1540s in the city of Ioannina.

Mr. K.E. Ikonomou considers the name of the Makrino village has a Slavic origin coming from the word mokrino, “wet place”, with the conversion of the Slavic “o” to “a” in Greek “… which belongs to the Slavic mokrь” wet “…”.

The village was created by families of the dissolved settlements of Theodosiou, Petritsa and Koukouroundzou.

In the last century it had 450 inhabitants, while in 1913 it had 140 residents and 23 students at school.

On the south side of the village there are ruins of an ancient wall. There was an altar with crafted the busts of Mars, Apollo and Hera. In this area today is the chapel of the Holy Trinity.

An important monument is the monastery of Panagia (1700), painted by Kapesovo painters.