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The village is built at an altitude of 900m. It is unknown where the name of village comes from and when it was built. The place name maybe comes from the surname Manassis, but also I. Lambridis has second thoughts about it, wondering if there is a relationship between the Manassis families that flourished in Ioannina in the year 1540, and the village of Manassi. However, at 1431, Manassi is recorded among the 14 villages that had capitulated with the Turks.

The prosperity of the village coincides with the years of Ali Pasha’s rule. The people of Manassi traveled to Romania, and wealth was plentiful in the village. It was a village famous for its mansions, for its fine wine but mainly for its inhabitants. Because of its wealth, robbers infested the village.

In the middle of the last century, it had 400 residents and two schools. It was burned down on 23 October, 1943 by the Germans. Only one home was saved and the Church, while a person died. During the civil war some families left the village and settled in Eastern European countries.

An important monument of the village is the church of Saint Georgios 1780.