Project Description



The village of “Petra” in the prefecture of Ioannina is located northeast of the city of Ioannina and it is approximately 40 kilometers away from it. It borders East with the villages of Chrysovitsa and Mikro Papigo, to the south with the Megalo Peristeri and Demati, to the West with the former Itea community and to the north by forest areas.

Rocks and The Temple of Holy Trinity

In the area of St. Paraskevi, two magnificent rocks dominate. One of the rocks, from the North side of the river, has a height of 15-18 meters and the northwest of about 30 meters, the other and bigger rock, of the north-east side is more than 25 meters above the north-east must exceed 55 meters. Climbing the rock in the past was achieved with the use of a wooden staircase, while nowadays there is a standard staircase of 68 stairs, built in 1970. Immediately after its completion, the construction of the church started, during the years 1971-72 to 73. Its construction was based on the willing personal work of the village residents! Its inauguration took place in 1973, the day of the celebration of the Holy Spirit. Also, from 1978 to 1982, the temple’s courtyard was surrounded by a wire mesh to prevent accidents.