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Skamnelli (1100 m) is built on the foothills of Tymfi, on the slopes of Korifoula (2157 m high) and between the streams of Goura and Letzetos. It is located 54 km away from Ioannina.

Its inhabitants, during the Zagorian migration, mainly traveled to Russia and Vlachia, and many benefactors and donors distinguished. Among them are the brothers Dimitrios and Christodoulos Saitzis, who traveled to Moldova, and in 1793 they built the holy temple dedicated to the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, in the center of the village. From the emigrants, the personality of the national benefactor Baron Sina, who lived in Moschopolis, stands out, while another prominent personality was Adam Gorgidas, a physician who lived during the times of Ali Pasha, and was a member of Filiki Eteria and a PhD in the University of Budapest. Skamnelli was burned in 1912 as part of the battles for the liberation of Epirus, resulting the serious destruction of its architecture. Nevertheless, the paved square of the village with the plane tree, the mansions of Theodosiou, Gennadios, Kyparissos and Frangoulis, the small squares with the cobblestone alleys and the church of the Assumption of the Virgin are an important cultural part of the local culture. Skamneli has the proper infrastructure for overnight and food, while its annual feast takes place in St. Paraskevi on July 26th.