Project Description

The settlement of Vikos pertains administratively to the local community of Aristi. It is named after the homonymous gorge. It comes from the Albanian vig-u, which means bridge. It is located at an altitude of 770m. and is 5km away from Aristi.

It is built in the extreme end of the peak of Kastraki (1335m), above the springs of Voidomatis offering spectacular view of the gorge of Vikos.

Around the stone-paved square is the old school and the church of Saint Trifon (1971).

Vikos is one of the starting points for a hiking trail in Vikos Gorge.

Within 45 minutes of the Voidomatis springs, there is the Monastery of Vikos’ Saint Mary. Today, only the sanctuary is preserved, which was built in 1738.