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Message from the Mayor, Vasilis Spyrou

Colleagues and friends, friends and family of Zagori, I welcome you to the official, renewed, website of our Municipality.
The Municipality of Zagori was created under the “Kallikrates” programme, by merging the former Municipalities of Central Zagori, East Zagori, Tymfi and the former Communities of Papigko and Vovousa.
The headquarters of the Municipality are the Asprangeli, where the main town hall also operates, as well as in the former municipalities, the Municipal Departments of Eastern Zagori in Miliotades and Tymfis in Tsepelovo, the personnel that serve them offer services along with the KEPs operating as well as the KEP in the Papigo Municipal District.

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Vikos Gorge

Visit one of the most wonderful natural monuments in Greece and walk through the gorge to find bridges, fountains and rare flowers.


Zagori is a special tourist destination for people from all over the world. Get to know the wonderful bridges that exist on a large scale in the area.


Meet all the beauties of the place and the rich flora and fauna of Zagori region.

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