A number of historical paths crosses the area of Zagori, all of which were marked by the program “Life” in 1996.

These are trails, many of which are stone-built, following the routes that for centuries connected the villages of the area to each other. These paths formed the backbone of the road network of the recent decades, serving the movement of people, the movement of products and cultural goods, but at the same time, they were used as livestock streets by the seasonal migratory breeders.

Most paths are marked with the letter Z and a serial number next to them. One of the most important and most beautiful in Greece is the path O3, which is designed as an E6 branch. It starts from Ioannina, heading north of the lake of Ioannina, enters the path to the shelter of Mitsikeli – Dikorpho – Kipi – Vitsa, continues to the gorge of Vikos – Monodendri – headwaters of Voidomatis – Mikro Papigo – shelter of Astraka – Karterou pass – Vrysochori – and continues to Smolikas.

The rest of the paths pass through dense forests with stone-built stairs and some of them end up in stone bridges. The traceability and marking of the paths depends on the season and the selected path itself. In particular, the marking may be very good but in some cases may be vanished by the weather conditions.