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In the wider region of Zagori and in the north of Pindos in general, all kind of activities related to mountain tourism take place. It requires, as appropriate, good to excellent knowledge of basic techniques, satisfactory to excellent physical condition and, above all, proper assessment of our abilities. It is also advisable to inform the visitor beforehand if the activity he intends to pursue is in accordance with the regulation of the North Pindos Protected Area, to which the Municipality of Zagori lies.

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Mountaineering – Mountain hiking

The scenery of the area with its large mountainous terrain creates the ideal conditions for hiking any time of the year. There are infinite routes with a different level of difficulty that the visitor can follow. Small and big trails, old and new, cross the whole area, forming a system of trails offering many opportunities for small or big excursions.


At the headquarters of the Municipality, at Asprangelos, there is a modern shooting range. Under controlled conditions, it is the ideal place for practicing and improving shooting skills for competitive and non-competitive purposes. The shooting range runs from March to September in hours of no peace of mind and after contacting with Mr. Papanikolaou Laki at 6977643814.

Paragliding – Hang gliding

At the west of the plain of Aspangelos there is a hang glider. It is addressed exclusively to those possessing the appropriate equipment.


Downhill rivers in the area with an inflatable boat. Staritng from the Aristi – Papigo Bridge.


Routes without ropes – Vikaki: Starting from the village of Tsepelovo and ending at the village of Kipi. Route Duration 3.5 – 4 hours.


Location of Papigko

Truffa Searching