Generally, the inaccessibility of the area combined with many rivers and streams, especially during the winter months, required in the past the construction of bridges. The «golden age» of Zagori has allowed wealthy families to fund expensive and sometimes unsuccessful village connection projects. Today, about 60 bridges are preserved in very good condition, and there are testimonies about another hundred that have been destroyed.

Saint Minas Bridge

Small bridge near Dilofo, built next to the homonymous small church. It is unknown when and by whom it was built.

Garani Bridge

The bridge is the one that connects the neighborhoods in the village of Vrysochori.

Kouitsa Bridge

It is located at the entrance of Vrysohori.

Masoras Bridge

It is located on the way to St Minas just outside Vrysochori.

Panagia Bridge

It is located in Skamneli (1808 AC).

Peyki Bridge

It is located in the centre of the village of Vrysochori.

Pitsioni Bridge

It is close to the village of Kipi.

Siomena and Stathis Bridge

They are both in the village of Dikorfo. The first one, is unknown by whom and when it was built, while for the second one, the built-in slab informs us that it was financed by Stasoulis Stathis in 1904.

Skarvena Bridge

It is located closeto Vrysochori.

Hatchiou Bridge

The bridge is near Tsepelovo (1804 AC).

The bridge of the Bear

It was built in 1806 at a cost of 40 Napoleons coins. It was formerly called “Xeropotamos bridge”…


Goura Bridge

Stone bridge on the old pedestrian street in the stream of Gura-Tristeno . Its distinctive feature is the tap with the stone sink on the bridge’s body.

Kalogeriko or Plakida

It is located near the village of Kipi (1814 AC) and is a typical three-arched bridge.

Kalouta Bridge

The three-arched bridge is located three kilometers east of the village of Anthrakitis…


Kaber Aga-Bridge

It is stone built on the Zagoritiko River (a tributary of Arachthos) and is an example of the architecture…


Bridge of Kleidonia – St Minas

The Kleidoniavitsa bridge was built in 1853 by Maljak Pasha’s Baltaki Chunoum and cost 37,000 grosia…


Kokkoros or Noutsos

It is located between the villages of Dilofo, Kipoi and Koukouli and is built in 1750 at the expense of the Consul General of Zagori Noutsos Kontodimou from Vradeto…


Kontodimos or Lazaridis

Το γεφύρι βρίσκεται μεταξύ των χωριών Κήποι και Κουκούλι (1830μ.Χ.)


Missios Bridge

It was funded by the ruler Alexis Misios from Monodendri in 1748. It is a double arched bridge, built on the Gorge of Vikos, it follows the stairs of Vitsa, a path that connects the villages of Vitsa and Koukouli.


Mylos Bridge

It is located in Elati and connects the village with Dilofo. It was named after  the adjacent mill and was funded by Dimitris Xinos, the time that it was constructed remains uknown and it cost 1000 grosia, at the time.

Tsipiani Bridge

One-arched stone bridge with three more bows in its access to the left bank of the River Barda. Characteristic of the pseudo-arched shape of the large bow.