Folklore Museum of Agapios Tolis

The Folklore Museum is located in the village named “Kipi” and is a project of Agapios Tolis, who devoted his life to its creation. It contains 40000 exhibits from the everyday life of the inhabitants of the region of Zagori. This great folk art collection is housed in three mansions. Some of the exhibits are household utensils, folk art items, costumes, embroidery, kings’ photographs, various engravings, a 19th-century living room and many others. In order to visit the Museum, someone has to go to the village of Kipi, which is locaed 38 km from Ioannina.

Museum of Traditional Professions in Elafotopos

The Museum of Traditional Professions in Elafotopos began its operation in the old school of the village in 1993. In the Museum you can see tools of traditional professions, some of which have ceased to be in use. The collection of the museum is work of Michalis Ikonomidis. Among other things, there are tools of several professions, such us the builder, the traditional musician, the vine grower, the woodcarver, the saddler, the tailor, the tinsmith, the shoemaker, the apiarist, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the tinner, the wax chandler and the farrier. The collection of the Museum includes over 1000 objects dating back to the early 20th century until today.

Natural History Museum of Lazaridis

The Flora and Fauna Museum is located in the village of Koukouli. Here are exposed medicinal plants and herbs of the region of Zagori, which were used by the well-known local “doctors of Vikos”. They were doctors of Zagori who made therapeutic mantles from the plants of the wide area of Vikos. Kostas Lazaridis, from Koukouli, collected from the Forest 1240 different plant species, which belong to 96 of the 149 plant families world-wide.

Tel: 26530-71775

Open: Wednesday-Sunday

Rizario Exhibition Center

The Rizario Exhibition Center is housed in the Pantazi mansion, located next to the central square of Monodendri. The Center, operating since 2000, is a bequest of the Rizari brothers. Pictures are being held here, while collectible albums are kept on older exhibitions.

Tel: 26530-71573

Open: 09:00 – 16:00 during all week.

Paschalios School

In Kapesovo you can visit the Paschalios School which was founded in 1861. It was donated by the  brothers Paschalis in order to operate as the school village. In the Library of the School you have the opportunity to see one of the 13 copies of Rigas Feraios’ Charter, among other important writings.

Anagnostopoulos Library

The library is located in Megalo Papigo. The collection of books belongs to Michael Anagnostopoulos and includes over 1250 volumes of books. Because of disasters during the occupation, most books you will see in the library are foreign. All the books of the collection are published in the period 1750-1906.

Museum of Photography of the Ancestors “State of the People of Zagori” of Petros Fragoulis

Historical depiction of Zagori culture through time, from 1850 to 1950, through old black and white photographs. Most of the collection comes from my grandfather’s photographic record, a late schamarch from Skamneli, Theophanis Fragoulis (1875-1961). At the same time, the work is embellished with other photographs of the Zagorians, material that was gathered door-door and wall-wall from people and houses of Zagori.