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Itea is located in the eastern part of Zagori and is located at a distance of 36 km from the center of Ioannina via the old provincial road of Ioannina-Trikala and only 15 km, via Egnatia Odos.

The area consists of 18000 acres of which 4000 are arable land, 3000 forest and the 11000 that remain, are designated as a grazing area.

Until the year 1747 or 1749, the village was called Duchanista and at the time, it was completely destroyed by the Turks for retaliation. An extinction of a group of Arvanites-Liapides was preceded by the villagers after a fight at the feast of 15 August.

The village was named after the extinction of the group of the twenty Arvanites-Liapides, The the most prevalent version of the given name, is Liapis.

In the year 1855 the village was burned for the second time by the Turks as a retaliation for the murder of Palioura, leader of the region. The third time the village was burned by the Turkish army in 1912,  during the Balkan wars.

In 1919, the village was officially identified as a community of Liapis, while in 1955 it was renamed Itea. However, one of the settlements of the village continues to be called Liapi.