Project Description

Kavalari is a very old village, but the historians do not identify the time of its foundation. It seems, however, that it was already inhabited by the conquest of Ioannina by the Turks in 1431.

In 1870, it had 36 houses and 310 inhabitants and at the beginning of our century, there were 200 residents.

In the middle of the last century, the whole village was in danger of being expropriated, out of many debts. However, they were helped by D. Megllas from Castanona, who donated large sums of money and paid all of their depts. In this effort, also contributed, another fellow villager, Mr. Gousias, who paid the dept of the village as well.

The inhabitants of Kavalari were poor farmers and animal breeders, and by the end of the last century no school operated in the village.

Nowadays, Kavalari is inhabited by some people, who work in the fields and breed animals. The village had been burned by the Germans in 1943. The village has a very nice square with the old faucet. The central church of the Holy Trinity is remarkable, high in a prominent position, in the form of a castle, it was built in 1743 and nowadays, it is a protected and truly impressive building. It is a temple of basilica style.