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The village of Negades (about 1060 m altitude), rich village of Zagori in the past, with a special local culture, is located 48 km away from Ioannina.

It is built on the oak-covered slope of a hill revealing the absolute harmony of nature and culture. The village has been a compound settlement since 1312, with a significant population increase. During the Ottoman Empire, it developed a remarkable civilization and brought out many benefactors who had traveled to Moldova, Vlachia, Austria and Russia.

The dark-colored houses and the tall mansions around the square remind us today of the years of the village’s peak and create a picture of total harmony with the natural environment.

The feast of the village takes place on the day of the Holy Spirit.

Church of St. George

The imposing three-aisled temple of Saint George, a three-aisled basilica with three Holy Banks and three beautiful gates, is the most interesting attraction of the village and one of the most impressive churches of Epirus. It was built together with the tall bell tower in 1795 by the merchant Hatzi-Mantos Ginis. The central aisle is dedicated to Saint George, while the others are in St. Dimitrios and Holy Trinity. The church’s yard is surrounded by arches, on three sides. The magnificent church is adorned with exceptional icons and frescoes, while its elaborate wooden icon screen is of great value. The visitor is particularly impressed by the hagiographies depicting ancient philosophers.


There are also two bridges built in 1800 below the village, as well as the bridges next to them, the valleys Valadimeri and Kato Vrisi.