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More than 2,000 flora species and subspecies have been recorded in Zagori.

Significant are the endemics of the area: Athamanta albanica, Aquilegia vulgaris, Aubrieta scardica, Artemisia eriantha, Ankle or Astragalus onobrychis, Achilles or the avant-garde (Achillea abrotanoides), Valeriana epirotica, Viola rupestris, Geranium aristatum, Campanula boloniensis, Rhamnus alpina, Ramonda or Sermon (ramonda) serbica), Saxifraga glabella, Sedum tymphaeum, Silene intonsa, Silen or Chroma Silene chromodonta, Silene haussknechtii, Silene pusilla ssp. albanica, Soldanella pindicola, Viola albanica, Viola dukadjinica, Violet Viola epirota, Geum coccineum, Dianthus haematocalyx, Bormuellera tymphaea, and Telekia speciosa.

The area is also rich in mushrooms, but they are not fully studied and recorded.


The fauna of the area of Ζagori is very rich, both in a number of species and in rare species. A total of seven fish species have been found in the Aoos and Voidomatis rivers. There are nineteen species of amphibians and reptiles recorded in the ponds, streams and rivers in the area. There are also hundreds of species of insects in the area, of which only butterflies have been adequately studied.

Rare birds are: Neophoron percnopterus, Parus montanus, Dryocopus martius, Cinclus cinclus, Gyps fulvus, Falco peregrinus, Buteo buteo, Cross-eagle Hieraetus pennatus, Circaetus gallicus, Turdus torquatus, Aquila chrysaetos, and Falco biarmicus.

Altogether 110 species of birds have been recorded in the area. Regarding the mammals in the region, several species of handworms, rodents and insectivifiers have been recorded, as are almost all the bigger species living in our country. These are: Felis sylvestris, Sus scrofa, Vulpes vulpes, Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica, Ursus arctos, Meles meles, Otter (Lutra lutra), Deer (Capreolus capreolus), hare (Lepus capensis), wolf (Canis lupus) and hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor).

In the wider region of Zagori there are some habitats of international importance that have been included in the Natura 2000 network, as well as the North Pindos National Park that includes the national forests of Pindos (Valia Kalda) and Vikos – Aoos.

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